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No one can deny the importance of a good web hosting company in laying the success foundation of its business. It therefore becomes extremely important the before opting for any web hosting company, you should definitely go through its review and understand its features. We are here to provide you suggestions whether DreamHost is good for you or not. So let us have a look at the DreamHost review.

Product Range
One thing that you would surely get with DreamHost is product range. It offers you not just shared hosting, but also VPS hosting, which makes DreamHost a very apparent choice for many people who are looking for any of these kinds of hosting solutions. It offers you a well dedicated hosting and this can be very beneficial for you.

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Though these are some of the features commonly available, so how could DreamHost be lagged behind? DreamHost offers you unlimited bandwidth, space, a free registration for one domain, Shell access, auto-installation of several software and many other features which makes DreamHost gain 5 on 5 points from us!

Customer Support
The excellent customer support is something that most of the people talk about. DreamHost forwards customer support through wiki, mail as well as forum. Live chat is also accessible at any time. Minor queries are solved within a few minutes but the major ones require a little more than a few hours.

DreamHost gives you an uptime of 99.9%, quite appreciable, we must say! None of the web hosting companies will guarantee you 100% uptime but as far as DreamHost is concerned, you can expect 100% uptime for around 3-4 months, if not all round the year. So here DreamHost will get 4.5 points out of 5 from us!

Server Performance
The servers available with DreamHost are being updated and upgraded with state-of-the-art technology and the response time with fast as well. So here, DreamHost gets full marks for excellent server performance.

Security is usually the concern of people when opting for the web hosting company. With DreamHost you can sit assured since it comes with excellent security features. Though in its infant years, DreamHost had certain loopholes but over the time and with experience, the security has become paramount to DreamHost. With this, DreamHost again gains full marks on security.

Value for Money
DreamHost offers great value for money. It offers you excellent services at very reasonable prices and we would say DreamHost is a complete value for money company!

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