2 Responses to “Anyone familiar with Dreamhost (or WebHost Period ) how many websites on account ? Can I sell extra space ?”

  1. Tracy L says:

    It looks to me like the plan from ixwebhosting is for limited domains period whereas with dreamhost (I guess you have level 1 although I didn’t find a plan that matched you specs) it has unlimited domains so hosting multiple domain names is available. That is a much better arrangement for you since you can host multiple names! Looks like the monthly (which will continue) is still very low.

    Most webhosting packages for “resellers” will allow you to host multiple domains since that is what you will need in order to add new “accounts”. The main thing you want to know is how easy is it to upgrade as your business grows and how reliable is the host. Reliability and availability are the most important things if you resell hosting space.

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