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How can i become a Late Night talk-show host for NBC? Like Jimmy Fallon or Jay Leno?

It is my dream to be a Late Night talk show host like Jay Leno or Jimmy Fallon. How can i achieve this. What is needed to get this job? Chosen Answer: most late night hosts started as Stand up comics or comedian actors by: LadyMerton on: 14th September 09

Have you ever had a dream with a talk show host in it?

who? what happened in the dream? Chosen Answer: not that i can recall by: Trixies Mama on: 11th September 10

Where do you most likely find Host giving out Dream Ears in VMK??

Where do you likely find Host giving Dream ears out in VMK? Chosen Answer: It is 100% Random. Trust me I have been hanging around waiting in rooms. by: bowlofcereal on: 23rd September 07