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Help me with an appeal for cheaper web hosting please.?

I have a website that is coming up on renewal. Problem is, I used a promo code to get *the cheapest plan* for 22.40 (97$ off). Now to renew it will cost me 9.40, which, as a freshman in highschool, i simply cannot afford. I know that they do not want to lose customers so [...]

How do I transfer my website hosting company?

I have a website whose domain is hosted by Easy Host. I want to switch to a new website hosting company, but still keep my website address. Also, I just recently switched from a PC to a Mac, so I would need a compatibe website hosting company as well. Any suggestions. I’m looking for real [...]

lunarpages vs dreamhost?

currently i am using dreamhost, should i transfer to lunarpages ??? i like dreamhost… want to switch to some other hosting if they give google apps too … and are cheaper than dreamhost even after renewal … Chosen Answer: If you’re planning to switch from Dreamhost there are some better options than Lunarpages. I recommend [...]

How hard is it to switch between News Reporter/Anchor to TV host?

Both are my dream jobs, but I’m aware that it is extremely hard to achieve either. I do not want to move to Las Angeles lol, so I’ve decided to first secure a job as a news reporter and then work up to the job of anchor Let’s say that I audition to be the [...]

How can I become a radio host?

So my dream is to become a radio host for a little bit then switch over tv hosting. I know I have to go to college for communications and I am. My brother also told me to take journalism my junior year in high school (next year) and try and hang out at a radio [...]