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What is the best web host for Joomla?

I’m looking for a free or cheap webhost to move my Joomla website to from my localhost. I want a webhost that doesn’t use Fantastico as its only method of installation? Any suggestions? Chosen Answer: I recommend Dreamhost They’re the best for Joomla. They offer both automatic OneClick Install (like Fantastico) and manual install [...]

Is Dreamhost a good webhost?

Check out Dreamhost: Are they any good? I read a lot of debates about their transparency (good) and their frequent downtime (bad), but I use them now and I like them. Would like to hear more from current user experiences as well as potential users after reviewing the link above. Thanks! Chosen Answer: Cheat [...]

Advice and suggestions on web hosting companies?

I’ve been looking for a webhost to host 3 different sties I have under 1 plan. I don’t need a dedicated server or anything big and fancy (yet). I use Yahoo now for one of my sites but they don’t support hosting multiple domains on one plan. That is a must for me. So far [...]