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weirdest dream you’ve ever had?

what is the weirdest dream you’ve ever had, and do you remember the whole thing? Chosen Answer: When i was younger, i had a dream of a man coming in through the garage with black panty-hose on his head, threatening to kill us all with a dust-buster. this was a re-occuring nightmare for my little [...]

Best Domain Name/Hosting Deal?

what is the best deal if I am looking to get a domain name ( with unlimited everything (bandwidth, email, disk space, the whole shinanagan). I looked around but I I can’t figure out what plan would be best. Maybe some of you guys have had a similar situation or some other experience/knowledge and could [...]

Web Host for a wordpress blog?

Hello What would be some good web host for a wordpress blog? I have right now, but is this any good for blog? What about any good? Thank you Chosen Answer: Hey Johnson, Both Hostgator and Dreamhost are good and cheap if you use a coupon. The best deal you will probably get [...]

What web host should I use?

What web host should I use for building a website. There a number of hosting companies with a wide price range, Yahoo is one of them, but DreamHost, BlueHost are less expensive, I’d like to know what are the cons of using one of the least expensive ones. Chosen Answer: You can take a look [...]

I want to start freelance web designing but i am not sure where to start?

its bit of a broad question though ok I am good at photoshop,illustrator 3ds max….. i understand the basics of web programming but i can learn very fast.i am not sure what software to use like Dream weaver or Microsoft Expression web,and i can also make websites using Joomla. what would be the first steps [...]

What do you think about DreamHost?

What is your experience about DreamHost? Chosen Answer: They do not have an uptime guarantee so expect one major outage “a year”. Other than that, I’ve had no problems with them…it would not be for an important site that MUST BE UP 24/7 365 days a year. by: MikeTwo on: 9th March 10

Is the dreamhost server down?

I have a subdomain & my ftp is dreamhost. But today, I can’t see my subdomain! I just got it yesterday, so it looks like crap, but could someone please just go look and see what is there? Or if it pops up? I can sign into my ftp, but I can’t see the [...]

What has happened to Dreamhost server?

What has happened to Dreamhost server? anybody knows? no dreamhost site is being accessed today. Chosen Answer: yes !!! :0 may be they might be updating it !! by: tiger4ce o on: 18th July 08

Who is the best company for hosting multiple domain names. I am thinking Dreamhost any suggestions?

What’s the best bang for the buck? Well I currently have GoDaddy and they only let you host one domain. Dreamhost gives you unlimited domains and subdomains. Chosen Answer: go to here you can find and search for attractive hosting packages. i also like they offer some features in the free option [...]